Body Corporates Brisbane & Gold Coast

Body Corporates Compliance Issues

Body Corporates can be at risk legally from owners if they do not have a pest control maintenance program in place. Please read the following article:

Bennetts Pest Control takes the care of all compliance issues and sets up flexible Maintanence programs to make sure there is no come back on the body corporate.

At Bennetts Pest Control we understand Body Corporates and the high expectations they deserve when it comes to making sure their building is pest free. Whether it is the common areas or individual apartments. It is important to everyone in the complex that a high standard of professional service is given and that is why we work with several body corporates and on-site managers providing them with the professional Pest Control services.

Being in the Pest Game for 30 years we know pests and our service is among the best in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. That’s why we have guarantees for all our services.

If you run a body corporate or maybe you are an on-site manager then Bennetts services can help. With a range of flexible maintenance programs we know we can not only meet your needs butmost importantly work within your budget set by the committees.

Whether a small 6 apartment block or a 300 room tower call Bennetts Pest Control Services for a free quote.