Rats Drinking Your Pool Water? Here’s How to Stop Them!

Bennetts Pest Control
How do you feel when someone mentions rats? Dirty? Jittery? Completely grossed out? What if someone told you that rats were drinking their pool water? What if YOU have a pool and then noticed rats drinking out of yours too!? Wild rats are pretty disgusting in general, so a rat drinking out of your pool is a mental picture none of us wants to see.

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Have you got rats on the loose?

Rats and mice are one of the more unpleasant pests that many homeowners will encounter. While they don’t cause the same damage of termites, a population of rats or mice in the home can cause plenty of problems if left unchecked – including damage to electrical wiring. Sometimes homeowners don’t even know there’s a problem until it gets way out of hand (rodents love to love and are born to breed after all!)

When it gets to this stage they can be difficult to tackle on your own and you’ll probably the help of pest control professionals.  So what are the signs that you may have a problem with mice and rats on your hands? Bennetts Pest Control explain in our latest post.
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