Treating Termites – What Are My Options?

Bennetts Pest Control

Termites are a prevalent threat to houses and, if left untreated or unmanaged, can cause catastrophic damage to your home. Homeowners – particularly those with timber houses or foundations – ought to be familiar with the many ways of treating termites and, just as importantly, how to recognise when termites are present. Failing to do so within an adequate timeframe can see your home suffering structural and often irreparable damage, capable of stripping up to a quarter of your home’s value and incurring thousands of dollars in costs associated with restoring the structural integrity of the house. Below is some important information relating to termites and how best to treat them and the devastation they can cause.

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Termite Treatments, Baits versus Chemical – Which is better?

Among the different termite treatments out there, baits and chemical treatments are without doubt two of the most effective solutions available to eradicate the presence of termites around your home. One of the questions people want to know is which is the better solution?

Generally we recommend chemical treatments for their affordability and reliability however this depends on the unique circumstances of the termite activity in the home. Baits are still a very effective and useful option in some applications and often preferred by the homeowner. To give abetter picture of each, we explain how each termite treatment works in greater detail below.

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Fast, Effective, Long Lasting: Termidor’s® proven track record


Termites don’t stand a chance with Termidor®, voted Australia’s number one trusted brand of termite control by a survey of 167 national termite control managers. Here at Bennetts Pest Control we also use the product when combating termites and vouch for its effectiveness.  While it might not be the cheapest product on the market, it is by far one of with the best results for eradicating termites. We explain how the product works in our latest post.
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Target Termites with Thermal Imaging Technology

The methods to detect termites in the home just become a lot more sophisticated thanks to thermal imaging technology! Thermal Imaging, which uses infrared capabilities to detect differences in heat energy, is a frequent technique we use here at Bennetts Pest Control when conducting termite inspections in Brisbane. We explain the benefits and how this technology works in our latest blog post.
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