5 Organic Pest Control Tactics to Trial in 2015

Getting rid of creepy crawlies is our business – there’s nothing we love more than ridding great family homes like yours of unwelcome pests. If you’re between treatments and worried about run-of-the-mill chemicals and sprays found on shop shelves these days, think about trialling these natural deterrents. Note, these tactics won’t eliminate already existing infestations, they’re designed to stave off intrusion in an already pristine home. So after you lay down mouse traps, scatter a few roach motels and spray the windowsills with bug spray, try these gentler alternatives – ideal for kids with allergies!

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Pest Proof Your Home This Summer

The holiday period is just around the corner and you’re probably planning a well-deserved getaway. The household chores and checks can be left until later, when you’re not over worked and exhausted, maybe when your kids are old enough to help. Or when you have kids. Or a neighbourhood teen volunteers. Sadly, it is down to you to protect your home against creepy crawlies, rodents, insects and mites – we can help you put together a plan that will minimise your Bennetts Pest Control bill over the next six months and future proof your home so you CAN relax completely!
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5 Warning Signs You Have a Termite Problem

Termites. The very word inspires a degree of trepidation in any home owner or soon to be home owner, as their crawling little bodies regularly wreak havoc on many Queensland homes. More than just a “bug problem” a termite infestation can drive down the value of your home, cause expensive damage and render your foundations unsafe in a matter of months. Nipping them in the bud now will minimise the repair bill at the end of the day, but how do you spot a warning sign when it’s right in front of you? Do you know what to look for? Take our top five warning signs you have a termite problem now and guard your home (or business) against these microscopic pests.
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Do you need a pest control expert? – Questions to Ask

If you own your own property, whether it is a home or business, you will need to consider pest control. Pests can cause serious damage to your building, be unhealthy for the people living or working in it, and cause noise and discomfort for anyone who is nearby. Even if you do not currently have any pests in your building, you will need to consider preventative measures to ensure that they do not move in!
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Termite Treatments, Baits versus Chemical – Which is better?

Among the different termite treatments out there, baits and chemical treatments are without doubt two of the most effective solutions available to eradicate the presence of termites around your home. One of the questions people want to know is which is the better solution?

Generally we recommend chemical treatments for their affordability and reliability however this depends on the unique circumstances of the termite activity in the home. Baits are still a very effective and useful option in some applications and often preferred by the homeowner. To give abetter picture of each, we explain how each termite treatment works in greater detail below.

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How to Get Rid of Rats and Mice from the Home

Rats and mice are on the move in the cooler months, and often take up refuge our homes, most often in the roof and between walls. There’s nothing pleasant about discovering these in your home, and since rats and mice can successfully co-habit with humans finding out that they are living under the same roof as you and crawling around your home in the early hours can feel particularly violating.

Bennetts Pest Control can look after rodent control measures from your Brisbane home or business and we explain a little bit more about the behaviours of rodents and what can be done to get rid of them. 
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The 3 Biggest Pest Control Mistakes Homeowners Make

People try all sorts of techniques to tackles their pest problems, each with varying levels of success. But in between all the attempted spotting, swatting, zapping and squashing people make many assumptions, use the wrong techniques or just don’t do enough when tackling their pest woes.

In many cases it’s easy to understand why homeowners continue to make these mistakes, but as the experts in pest control, with the industry’s best practices in our hands, Bennetts Pest Control would like to save you the headaches (and hip pocket pain) to help you avoid the making these biggest pest control mistakes.
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Preparing for your pest control treatment

One of our most common questions our treatment team are asked here at Bennetts Pest Control is if there is anything that they need to do to prepare for a pest control treatment. Depending on what pests you are having treated will depend on whether we’re working outside or inside and your pest control technician here at Bennetts Pest Control will explain this in more detail when you make your booking.

Here are some general guidelines about how to prepare for us arriving and what you can expect from your pest control treatment.
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