Frustrating Summer Pests and how to Combat Them

Even though you’ve been controlling pests throughout the year, summertime is pest season and there’s a whole swarm of crawling, scuttling and flying creatures that come and say hello in our homes. But as frustrating, aggravating and infuriating as these pests are, a lot of the time they can be easily controlled yourself with a few simple strategies.

Bennetts Pest Control shares our expertise to combat and control these summer pests (which also are often autumn pests) below. 
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Electronic Devices Fail in Deterring Pests, Studies Show

It’s a nice thought that household pests can be driven away by simply plugging a device into the wall. According to their manufacturer’s claims, plugging these electronic devices into an outlet will emit ultrasonic waves that deter household pests while causing existing pests to ‘pack up’ and move along – all while being chemical and mess free.
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Real Life Pest Control Horror Stories

From cockroaches scuttling from under dining tables, to a cinema infested with rats and mice and hotels ridden with bedbugs, there’s no doubt that pest problems are bad for business! So can your business afford a pest problem?

The answer is only if you can financially afford the irreparable damage to the reputation of your business, and afford being temporarily shut down.

Here in Brisbane, all food and beverage service businesses must comply with strict regulations when it comes to the cleanliness of their establishment including pest control measures. We share some horror stories in our latest blog about businesses who have risked their livelihoods by not taking adequate commercial pest control measures.
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Household pests you’ll just have to live with…

We hear a lot about the pests we can eradicate from our homes, but less about the insects and crawly creatures that are a fact of life here in Queensland. Especially now it’s coming into summer and its prime pest season, we’re seeing a lot more things that fly, crawl and scuttle in our home. But the good news is that most of these pests are nowhere near as offensive as cockroaches, vermin or the destructiveness of termites – and their impact can still be managed in our homes. As the pest control specialists here in Brisbane, we explain the household pests that you’ll be likely to encounter this summer in Queensland.
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How to prevent pests entering your home

Pests are annoyance to every home and invade your property year round. Whether they are ants, cockroaches, flies and rodents, once they settle in their new home they can be tricky to move. Bennetts Pest Control share some inexpensive methods to prevent pests invading your home and causing havoc in this post.

If however, you find basic pest control sprays from your supermarket aren’t working to plan your best bet is calling a pest control specialist.
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Have you got rats on the loose?

Rats and mice are one of the more unpleasant pests that many homeowners will encounter. While they don’t cause the same damage of termites, a population of rats or mice in the home can cause plenty of problems if left unchecked – including damage to electrical wiring. Sometimes homeowners don’t even know there’s a problem until it gets way out of hand (rodents love to love and are born to breed after all!)

When it gets to this stage they can be difficult to tackle on your own and you’ll probably the help of pest control professionals.  So what are the signs that you may have a problem with mice and rats on your hands? Bennetts Pest Control explain in our latest post.
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Fast, Effective, Long Lasting: Termidor’s® proven track record


Termites don’t stand a chance with Termidor®, voted Australia’s number one trusted brand of termite control by a survey of 167 national termite control managers. Here at Bennetts Pest Control we also use the product when combating termites and vouch for its effectiveness.  While it might not be the cheapest product on the market, it is by far one of with the best results for eradicating termites. We explain how the product works in our latest post.
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Target Termites with Thermal Imaging Technology

The methods to detect termites in the home just become a lot more sophisticated thanks to thermal imaging technology! Thermal Imaging, which uses infrared capabilities to detect differences in heat energy, is a frequent technique we use here at Bennetts Pest Control when conducting termite inspections in Brisbane. We explain the benefits and how this technology works in our latest blog post.
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Colder temperatures drive household pests indoors

pest control

Many people incorrectly assume that because the temperatures are dipping in Brisbane that common household pests are inactive over the winter. Because of this they let their guard down when it comes to pest control around their property. While pests including spiders, ants and cockroaches may appear to be less active in winter, it doesn’t mean that they have disappeared. In fact common household pests are actually driven indoors in winter time searching for food and warmth like the rest of us!
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