Bennetts Pest Inspections

The Pest Inspection Professionals

Our general pest inspections protect your family from cockroaches, rodents, silverfish, spiders and termites guaranteed! We respect peoples concern and sensitivity regarding pests. For that reason we commit to providing genuine, professional and speedy service to leave your home scent and pest free. We are so confident in our service levels and pest control techniques that we will return free of charge if you are not satisfied with the job! Looking for the best pest inspections, call Bennetts today on 1300 661 008.

What's Next?

The first stage that we often encounter with our customers is the discovery of pests in their home. This is often in the form of droppings, an increase in sightings of cockroaches or spiders, or sounds of rodents in the walls or ceilings. If any of these occur, take note of the locations so that we can take special care in these areas.

If during your pest inspection, termites are discovered, then this is a much more serious issue. Whatever you do, don't disturb the termites! Let Bennetts handle the problem, as we can arrange for a specialist termite control treatment with our professional team. Simply leave the termites be and call us immediately and we will visit your Brisbane home for a complete pest control and eradication service.

The Pest Inspection

Once called we will then come and inspect the internal and external areas of your home and plan out the actions required depending on the extent of the infestation. A date in the near future is then planned at your soonest convenience. It should be remembered that by law a pest inspection is required for new homeowners planning on moving into their new property.

The Extermination

On the date that has been planned with you, we then come in and go through the home and ensure that the internal and external areas are pest free – and will stay pest free. The chemicals we use are environmentally friendly and pose no risk to pets or children, and the devices we choose to use are state of the art.

Annual Pest Inspections

Annual Brisbane pest inspections are recommended and should be organised with your local Bennetts pest inspector. We do note your details and will remind you in 12 months time that another pest inspection is due. Your details are not used for advertising or shared with any third parties.