Bennetts Termite Control

When dealing with the number one Brisbane pest control complaint it brings confidence to hear we have over 50 years experience. Termites, if not found early can cost you thousands. If left unchecked can turn your home into a danger to you and your family. Vigilantly watching for signs of termite invasion and keeping up to date with regular checks by a Bennetts Pest Control specialist are the two best weapons against termite damage to your home or office.

The Termite Control Process

If you have suspicions of a termite infestation, have found a nest or have discovered that your home has not gone through a pest inspection for over 12 months the steps are the same:

  1. Do not panic. If you are seeing signs only now, it means the damage isn’t life threatening.
  2. Do not disturb any walls, floors or ceilings where you believe the termites to be.
  3. Call us immediately and book an inspection. We’ll professionally inspect your entire home for any further damage as well as for other general pests.
  4. After our inspection is complete we can recommend the steps needed to exterminate the problem and whether structural repairs are required.

Types of Treatments

There are several types of treatments available that escalate depending on your needs. We will always offer the most appropriate treatment and are constantly on hand to offer advice or answer any questions.

  1. Baits are sometimes used during the termite inspection stage and involves placing a liquid treatment in suspected infested areas to attract termites. If termites are attracted to this scent then they are replaced with bait, which the termites then take into the colony and share it with the rest of the nest.
  2. Repellents and non-repellents are the most often used and involve chemically spraying your home. Repellents are self-explanatory and are used to keep termites away, acting as a shield. Non repellents are undetectable by termites and is used when the house is already infected. Any termites that come in contact with the non-repellent is effected and will in turn effect the rest of the colony.
  3. Wood treatment is odourless and very effective when applied or injected directly into the infected wood. This is often used for dry wood situations.
  4. Finally an entire fumigation is the last result and used only when your home has multiple termite colonies found within it. A tent envelops the entire home and gas is pumped in and absorbed into the nests.

The Regulations

There are a couple regulations as outlined by Queensland law that you should take into account when dealing with termites.

The first is that for effective prevention, annual termite inspections should be made. Chemicals eventually wear off and colonies are prone to moving from place to place looking for a permanent nest, so it's only natural that maintenance is required.

The second consideration is that banks in Queensland will not agree to a loan or mortgage for a property if a proper inspection has been made. This is to protect themselves from damages that could be hidden inside the building.