Termite Inspections

Our specialist termite inspections are designed to search out and discover any lurking termites you may have in or around your residence. Termites are a serious threat to your home, so if you suspect you may have termites or your neighbours have seen or treated termites recently, then it's time to act. Whatever you do, don't disturb any suspected termites, just reach for the phone and call Bennetts. We offer a fast response and the highest quality service. Our professional termite inspections can even detect if termites have invested a fencepost or external structure on your property before they enter your home and do serious damage. Call 1300 661 008 to talk to the team at Bennetts Pest Control today. 

What If The Termite Inspection Confirms That I Have Termites?

Our termite inspections are extremely thorough and once we have the results, we can either give you a clean bill of health and set your mind at rest or we can discuss a termite treatment plan to take care of the problem. If we discover the existence of termites, extra care is required. It is essential that you do not disturb a termite nests or try removing them yourself after the inspection is complete, as this only makes the problem worse. This is not only dangerous, but the location of any termite infestation found in Queensland must also be properly documented.

The Right Termite Inspection Team

Bennetts are the leading termite inspection professionals. For complete peace of mind, call us today and we can send one of termite inspectors to thoroughly check your property. Early detection of termites makes all the difference, so take action and call in the experts. You'll be glad you called Bennetts.